About us

GU Commerce Limited is a rapidly growing product-based IT company actively involved in the creation and development of e-commerce projects.

GU Commerce Limited was founded in 2011. The founders of the company boast a wealth of experience in building successful and thriving companies from scratch as well as the development of one of the world’s largest advertising platforms.

The atmosphere inside the RMS, that features a successful blend of democratic and laissez-faire leadership styles, allows every employee to grow personally and professionally, taking part in the implementation of challenging and exciting projects. The company environment does not squelch but fosters and supports every employee’s initiative and creativity. Being part of a bigger team of like-minded and highly creative professionals, you nevertheless have a chance to paddle your own canoe and launch your own project or a start-up within the company.

Now we have 80 people who work independently and together to achieve a common goal: our own R&D division, marketing department, SEO and Sales specialists, a team of creative designers and gifted editors.

The five years of our company’s existence was a time of rapid development: our team has grown nearly ten times and successfully completed an impressive number of projects. At present, we are a year and a half into actively running a large-scale e-commerce project targeting the foreign markets.

We are a team of both independent professionals and eager collaborators – proactive employees who enjoy working with minimum supervision and are always willing to help out their colleagues in a tricky situation. We believe that sharing our experience contributes not only to the professional growth of our employees but also to the growth of the whole company. Continuous personal, professional, and financial growth is the key to the success of both each individual and our team as a whole.

Interesting projects and an excellent social program make us one of the most attractive workplaces for talented developers, creative designers, motivated content managers, or resourceful system analysts.

We are actively seeking bright and talented professionals, who could become an asset to our team and make their contribution to our development. For outstanding specialists, we offer very attractive bonus and incentive schemes, compensation and benefits, as well as the opportunity to work in an excellent team.